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Caffeine And You Microsite

Microsite for the International Food Information Council Foundation, with facts about caffeine and its effects. The centerpiece of the site is a caffeine calculator which allows anyone to estimate their total daily caffeine intake.

Design, HTML, and CSS Development; project management of a third-party JavaScript Developer.

The original client brief asked if a caffeine “calculator” would be possible — they were unsure how this would work or what it would like. I provided design and UX for the calculator and coordinated its developed by a third-party JavaScript developer.

The calculator required many unique technical and design solutions to ensure it was worked well on mobile devices.

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FineCraft Contractors Website

Brief: The previous website was a jumbled mess with no sales channels and no lead generation. A full redesign was needed to highlight their most popular services, communicate their company values, and generate leads.

Role: Full production — Custom Design, Custom WordPress Theme Development, and migration from a previous site.

Notes: The previous site needed a major overhaul, having become bloated and disorganized over many years. It did not match the high-end work done by FineCraft and the site generated absolutely no leads. The company’s work speaks for itself, so large photos were used extensively, and custom category pages were built so project galleries could easily be sorted by style and type.

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